Boye brings soulful song stylings to Inland Northwest

When you watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, sometimes there is one individual who stands out to you. For our family, that individual is Alex Boye. Having listened to his music and watched his “Mormon Messages” video, we love to catch a glimpse of him in the choir. And we are especially excited to see him perform live at a special concert on March 23 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

As a child of Nigerian parents who grew up on the streets of London, Alex probably never imagined that one day he would join the most famous choir in the world or come to Spokane, Washington for that matter. He grew up in humble circumstances in England and, at age 11, his mother announced she was going to Nigeria for a few weeks. When she did not return, Alex was placed in foster care.

During his teenage years, he took a job at McDonald’s in London. While there, his manager invited him to learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He went with an interest in talking to American girls and discovered in the message of the LDS sister missionaries something that touched his soul.

At age 16, Alex joined the Church, and later served a mission in Bristol, England. He had several opportunities to sing and perform during his mission, and his mission president advised him to do something with his musical talent.

In 1995, Alex formed a band called “Awesome” which sold over 500,000 CDs, but the lifestyle of a traveling musician wasn’t what Alex wanted for himself.

“Somehow I don’t think that’s what (the mission president) had in mind,” Alex later remarked.

When he came to the United States in 1999, he began to look for other ways to share his musical talent. Youth firesides, acting opportunities, and recording work with other LDS pop artists opened doors for him in Utah. In 2006, he became a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and, that same year, married his sweetheart, Julie.

In 2011, Alex toured with Glenn Beck in Jerusalem. He was originally a non-singing member of the program, but at the last minute, Beck invited Alex to sing to those who had helped organize the rally. So impressed with the performance, Beck arranged the next evening’s program to include a final song performed by Alex Boye.

Another unique opportunity to share his talent came when Alex received his United States citizenship in February of 2012. U.S. District Judge David Sam, who conducted the naturalization ceremony, spontaneously invited Alex to sing the National Anthem at the conclusion of the event.

With amazing energy, a unique style, and a broad range of ability, Alex delivers inspirational performances wherever he goes. He has been invited by the Spokane chapter of the BYU Management Society to appear March 23 at the Schuler Performing Arts Center in Coeur d’Alene. Members of the Central Valley High School choir will sing with Alex during several numbers.

Originally Alex was scheduled to take the stage in Coeur d’Alene on March 15, but he received an offer to go to London and open four shows for Olivia Newton John. He was very grateful that it was possible to rearrange the date of his performance in the Spokane area, and promised, “It will be a great show.”

To learn more about Boye’s concert in Coeur d’Alene later this month and how to order tickets, see the listing in this week’s Recreation Guide.

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