Employment Training Works! June 2010

Note from the publisher: “Employment Training Works!” is a new monthly feature in the Latter-day Sentinel focusing on programs offered by the local office of LDS Employment Services. This month’s installment features information on the LDSJobs.org Web site by Jim Rundlett, a volunteer at the agency.

Me in 30-Seconds – The key to your future

The Church’s new employment Web site, LDSJobs.org, is not just another job board. Yes! It has jobs. It also has the ability to allow employers to search for qualified candidates to fill job openings.

When you create your LDSJobs.org account, you have to answer a lot of questions. Then you are faced with even more questions. “Me in 30-seconds,” power statements, skills, education, work history, even which languages you speak. These employment people are really nosey, aren’t they? Do they really need all of this information?


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