Anderson stands behind Quality Roofing with integrity, experience

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In addition to building homes – and lives – on a solid foundation, Duane Anderson reminds people not to forget about the importance of a good roof.

Anderson had just recently returned to the Spokane area from a two-year mission to Alberta, Canada when he began work in the local roofing business as a salesman in the fall of 1997.

“It’s a fun industry,” Anderson said. “Things change from day to day.”

Not wanting to “just be the boss behind a desk,” Duane Anderson, owner of Quality Roofing, makes it a point to scale rooftops alongside his employees. That’s Duane in the red hat. Contributed photo.

One major change for Anderson occurred in 2007 when he decided to start his own company called Quality Roofing. Despite a slew of new responsibilities, one thing has remained the same – Anderson continues to emphasize trust and accountability while dealing directly with each client.

“I enjoy working with people, from my employees to the builders to the homeowners,” he said. “Things like integrity and professionalism are important to me.”

Despite being based in Spokane Valley, Anderson and his crew can be found across the greater Northwest region, from Ellensburg to Post Falls. Referrals generate much of the new business.

“The days of working just in Spokane Valley are long gone,” he said.

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Humility, steady work ethic stand as pillars in Kunz’s Empire

Editor’s note: Contributor’s Corner is a new monthly feature spotlighting local businesses that support the Latter-day Sentinel. This month’s Corner focuses on Chris Kunz and Empire In-Home Services.

When you’ve herded cattle and hauled hay bales under the southern Idaho sun, the task of refurbishing a shaky washing machine can seem like a stroll in the shade.

Chris Kunz, owner and proprietor of Empire In-Home Services, now rounds up rumbling Maytags, Frigidaires and Whirlpools as one of the most respected appliance repairman in the greater Spokane area. Even though he has been working in the field for over 20 years, Kunz can trace the success of his business to his days as a youth in Bear County, Idaho, working on the family farm.

Chris and Sylvia Kunz are members of the 15th Ward in the Spokane Valley Stake. Chris has been repairing appliances in the Spokane area for the past 20 years and currently owns Empire In-Home Services. Photo by Craig Howard.

“It was a great place to grow up,” he said. “It was where I learned how to work. I spent most of my time out in the fields.”

When he was 15, Kunz’s family moved to Spokane. He recalls it as a tough transition for a kid accustomed to rural life – but sports and a steady work ethic helped Kunz find his footing. He lettered in football, wrestling and track at Ferris High School.

While at Ferris, Kunz attended LDS early morning Seminary and one day, found himself in trouble with the teacher for being a bit disruptive. He was assigned to sit next to a girl named Sylvia.

“I was so intimidated, I was afraid to talk,” Kunz said.

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Bountiful Baskets brings affordable produce to local tables

Makeshift orchards are sprouting up all over the Inland Northwest.

Each Saturday, residents gather in Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, the South Hill and other area locations to harvest fruits and vegetables for a bargain price. It may be the suburbs, but the produce featured through a nonprofit program called Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op can transform an average parking lot into the sort of festive farm that rivals anything in the rural heartland.

Launched in May 2006 by Arizona residents Sally Stevens and Tanya Jolly, Bountiful Baskets began as a way to help families save money on healthy food. From two locations and 120 clients in its first year, the program has grown to over 70,000 customers in seven states.

Mike Godek and his wife Marjorie serve as volunteer site coordinators at the Bountiful Baskets distribution location in Spokane Valley. Photo by Craig Howard.

The first Bountiful Baskets set up shop in Spokane this spring. There are now five distributions sites in the area, including one in Spokane Valley at McDonald Elementary School. Two couples from the Evergreen Ward in the Spokane East Stake – Mike and Marjorie Godek and Todd and Ellie Folsom – volunteer as site coordinators. Their duties involve showing up early to sort the fruits and vegetables that arrive courtesy of a Charlie’s Produce truck.


Local invention totes benefits of managing diabetes

Books and notepads are not the only essentials Staisha Drager carries with her as a student at Brigham Young University.

A Type 1 diabetic, Staisha manages her condition with the help of a cadre of supplies that accompany her everywhere on the Provo campus. An automated insulin pump stabilizes her blood sugar level while items like test strips, backup insulin and emergency snacks are stored away in a unique carryall that serves as an encouraging reminder to “stay well.”

Larue Drager (right) invented the Staiwell Backpack in 1999 to help her daughter Staisha (left) organize and carry supplies that help with management of her Type 1 diabetes. Photo by Craig Howard.

The Staiwell Backpack was invented in 1999 by Staisha’s mother, Larue, a resident of Spokane Valley and a member of the Pines Ward in the Spokane East Stake. The idea came about after previous containers proved bulky, inefficient – or both.


Spokane Valley empty nester enjoys new career

Cheryl Boisen worked in a myriad of interesting part time jobs while raising her children in Spokane Valley, but she never really had a career.

As an avid skier and sports enthusiast, she enjoyed working at Lulu’s Ski Shop for 12 years where her employer would work around her busy “mom” schedule. She also worked as a ski instructor while her kids hit the slopes or were at school. She coached softball at one point and worked at Carver Farms for a while. But raising her kids and supporting her husband in his career was always top priority – until all the kids left home 10 years ago.

Cheryl and her husband Erick, retired from the Spokane Valley Fire Department, raised their four kids in Spokane. Cheryl was born and raised in Southern California and moved here when she married her husband, a Spokane native, over 40 years ago. When their nest was finally empty, Cheryl missed the kids, but not for long.

Pictured: Cheryl Boisen. Submitted Photo.

She felt sad when that first football season started because she missed taking her girls to buy their homecoming dresses. She missed going to see the football games. “But then I got over it,” she said. “I knew this next phase of my life was going to be a great adventure for me and for my kids.”


Utah native finds right key at local Steinway Gallery

Along with an impressive array of classical and contemporary compositions – featuring music from Bach to the 5 Browns – the Steinway Piano Gallery in Spokane Valley is home to a rambling rendition of the University of Utah fight song, courtesy of proprietor Kevin Rindlisbacher.

Originally from Riverton, Utah, Kevin Rindlisbacher moved with his wife and five children to the Spokane area in 2005. After two years in the Spokane Valley Mall, Kevin relocated the Steinway Piano Gallery to a site off Interstate 90 and the Evergreen exit in 2008. Photo by Craig Howard.

That’s not to say that the Riverton, Utah native does not welcome customers from his alma mater’s most significant rival, although if the store colors were ever to change, red would likely win out over blue.

“A lot of my friends here in Spokane went to BYU,” he said.


Stewart & Associates Wins Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Greg Stewart, CPA and founder of Stewart & Associates and member of the Riverside Ward in the Colville Stake, walked across the stage in the Grand Pennington Ballroom at the Davenport Hotel on June 2 to receive a prized honor
amongst Spokane area business owners.

Spokane’s chamber of commerce, Greater Spokane Incorporated, has been presenting The AGORA Awards for the last quarter century. Being honored with an AGORA has become a mark of business excellence over the years.

“The Agora” was a marketplace in ancient Greek city-states where merchants sold their goods. GSI’s annual formal AGORA Awards ceremony honors businesses in a variety of categories. Stewart & Associates received 2010’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for their own entrepreneurial success and the help they offer to struggling businesses.

“We actively pursued the AGORA Award because we wanted to show a level of excellence for services offered to small businesses,” said Stewart.

Greg Stewart, founder of Stewart & Associates, receiving The Entrepreneurial Spirit AGORA Award. Contributed Photo.

Being honored with the award was especially exciting to Stewart and his staff because they had been told in the past that an accounting firm was just too boring to win. “We were able to prove a hundred dollar bill could be just as exciting as other products,” he said.


Employment Training Works! June 2010

Note from the publisher: “Employment Training Works!” is a new monthly feature in the Latter-day Sentinel focusing on programs offered by the local office of LDS Employment Services. This month’s installment features information on the Web site by Jim Rundlett, a volunteer at the agency.

Me in 30-Seconds – The key to your future

The Church’s new employment Web site,, is not just another job board. Yes! It has jobs. It also has the ability to allow employers to search for qualified candidates to fill job openings.

When you create your account, you have to answer a lot of questions. Then you are faced with even more questions. “Me in 30-seconds,” power statements, skills, education, work history, even which languages you speak. These employment people are really nosey, aren’t they? Do they really need all of this information?


Hayden family finds adventure, education on cross-country journey

Following in the footsteps of her parents, the former Hollie Edwards and her husband Brandon Cox of Hayden Idaho are on a cross-country tour to promote their business and provide their family with a face-to-face education of how fellow Americans built our great country.

The Cox family pictured here embarking out on their cross country journey in their brightly colored van. Contributed Photo.

In a journey that began May 1 in a colorful touring van , the family of seven, with five children ages 2 months to 8 years, have visited the well-known Mt. Rushmore and the little known, but free, Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, South Dakota. Yet the highlight of the tour so far has been their Mother’s Day visit to the restored Nauvoo Temple and surrounding city.


BYU graduate captures moments with Big Picture Scrapbooking

Stacy Julian has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from BYU. Now she runs the largest scrapbooking education Web site in the world out of her home in Spokane.

And to her it makes perfect sense.

“It’s all the Holy Ghost,” she says.

Things just sort of fell into place. Scrapbooking for Stacy Julian began as a young mother’s hobby – but eventually people were paying her to speak about it and write about it. She wrote for a magazine called “Creating Keepsakes” for four years. After that, she started her own magazine in 2002 called “Simple Scrapbook.”

“It got to the point where as founding editor of the magazine I was required to travel to events,” she says. “One year I was invited to South Africa to talk about scrapbooks and I thought ‘It’s a once in a lifetime thing.”‘

But the next year the same group invited her to speak in South Africa again.


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